Openings Study

Acquire some knowledge about Shogi openings. Here are a mix of must-know openings and more interesting ones. (Some are already discussed in the Shogi Strategy pages

Double Wing Attack
Aigakari, basic opening (Double Wing Attack : 相掛かり) : This is a little more exploration of the Sitting Silver moves. For very basic Aigakari concept, see here first.
Gang-Ghi opening introduction
First move R-5h! demo game
See the demo board below. If Branch indicator shows more than one move, that means there are branch moves. Please explore various alternate moves. (hint. to jump to next branch point, use +< and >+ buttons)
aifuri murata
Playnig against right fourth
Migi-shiken (右四間 or Right-Fourth ranging Rook) can be a headache for the ranging rook player. This opening shows how the Shiken bisya (fourth file rook: 四間飛車) player can deal against right-fourth player.

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