Pawn Sampler

Late retired pro-shogi player Jiro Kato was known for his wit of naming shogi systems and tactics. He is also known for cataloging the usage of pawn pieces. His three volume books, 'Shogi wa fu kara" (将棋は歩から literal translation ->Shogi start with pawn) contains wealth of source for shogi tactics. Master Kato started writing them in 1940. After failed publishing attempt in 1948 (after publishing the first two books, the original document was lost for volume 3 ) the three volume books has been finally re-written and published during 1965 - 1970. These books are still in print. (unfortunately in Japanese only)

Contained in the board (thanks goes to Yumoken for providing this flash player board) are some of those pawn tactics that master Kato named. Enjoy and be amazed.

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