Sumitting response

This is a step by step guide to navigate to Mainichi Shogi site and how to send your answers.

First and most important, here is a link to Mainichi News paper's online Shogi page.

Note: Mainichi has discontinued this service as of March 11, 2012. is their Shogi page. Now look for the link to weekly problem page.

Click the image and the problem page will open
There are four problem drawng shown in the page (See the image to the left) The top two drawings shows problems for current week. You can also see there are three solution candidate moves labeled A, B and C.  You determine which one is a correct move.


The two drawings below current week's problems are the ones from previous week. The correct move is identified with some discussion. If you know how to read Japanese Kifu notation. You should be able to understand what are the correct moves.


Once you determine the correct move, then move on to Respnse form. At the top left and also bottom right of problem drawings, there are links to the submission form. See the above image.

Click the link and you will be navigated to the submission form page.

Top half of the page explain about rules of the assessment program.  Since I have already explained those in previous page, Let's scroll down to see the submission form. See the image below

OK, let's go thru this form line by line

Select the answer for the first problem..

Select the answer for the second problem

Enter your name here.

Enter your e-mail address, Twice

This is a field to indicate your gender. If you are a male, then select the first choice (男) If you are a female, then select the second choice (女)

Here, you enter your birth date in order of year, month, date.

The dropdown list shows the location of submitter (you) Scroll the list all the way down. The bottom of the list is "overseas" This applies to almost all the readers of this site

This is a privacy notice, sort of. Mainichi will share your profile with Japan Shogi Federation unless you disagree. By default, "agree" is selected. If you don't like this to happen, then select the other radio button.

This one is a comment line. Note that Mainichi will not accept any comments regarding Shogi problems that are published. They reocmmend to send those to JSF directly.

You only need to click a sumission button once.

In case you did not figure this out, submission buttonThis is a submisson button. This button reset buttonwill clear out the submission form and let you start over. But why would you do that?


If everything goes well, you should be receiving the confirmation notice from Mainichi shortly. Good luck.


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